Mice and rats are troublesome pests that cause a variety of problems around homes and commercial properties. The 3 comment rodents are the Norway rat, Roof rat and the Common house mouse.

They spoil food, contaminate areas and spread disease. When food is contaminated with rodents’ urine and feces, humans can contract disease like Leptospirosis. Alarmingly, rodents are also known to transmit species of parasitic worms, as well as having fleas that can transmit Murine Typhus. More alarming is their capacity to trigger electrical fires by gnawing on cables and wires inside your buildings walls, ceilings and floors.

Luckily, there are telltale signs rodents leave around the home to tell they are present. This includes gnaw marks, burrows, damage to food containers, droppings, sounds in the roof or walls and evidence under the fridge or dishwasher.